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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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bouhlel's past and his family members. the death toll is expected to rise still, we're told, out of france. among the victims, at least two americans, sean copeland and his 11-year-old son brodie, both from texas. the copeland family was on a european vacation to celebrate recent birthdays in the family. today, president obama condemned the attack but cautioned discrimination against certain religion. >> the divide that exists is not between races and ethnicities and religions. it is between people who recognize the humanity of all people and are willing to build relations. >> the president promises to continue the fight against isis and ordered flags to be flown at half-staff from all government
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situation in turkey. there was an attempted military coup under way right now. >> a busy afternoon. my goodness. >> thank you. an out pouring of support here in washington for the people of france. >> and the attacks are hitting close to home for some in our area. news4's chris gordon is outside of the french embassy in d.c. chris? >> reporter: people have come to the embassy of france to show their support and sadness. a local minute ter says people of different backgrounds no longer communicate. >> we don't talk to each other anymore. and so what is lacking is understanding who we are. >> the pastor of the french-speaking catholic parish of the diocese
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anger over the loss of lives in nice, especially the children. but he now says his sermon this sunday will focus on forgiveness. >> i'm sorry so sorry for you that it brought his life to that. >> reporter: he says flying to france now fills her with fear. >> i'm going to travel to france so i'm hoping that with the help of god that everything goes okay for my trip. >> reporter: flowers and prayers for those killed and i
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>> ahead at 6:00, the tribute being paid tonight for the people of france in these troubling times. that's the latest from the embassy of france in northwest washington. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, chris. nbc's lester holt is in nice and will be reporting on the bastille attack and presenting a special edition of "nightly news" tonight at 7:00 right after news4 at 6:00. we want to turn now to our weather and our heatwave continues. the weekend is upon us. any relief out there, doug kammerer? >> today was a little bit of relief. yesterday we hit 98 degrees. today, we hit 93. the heat index, though, not big of a problem. take a look outside. mid-atlantic temperatures have red out there on the map. we hit 101 today in virginia beach. not in our area. 92 degrees as the sun made its way out. those are the current temperatures around the city. the heat
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had some rain and now down to 91. we're not seeing those 100-degree heat indeces across our region. they will be back but not this weekend. if you're heading out this evening, looking great. no problems at all. hot around 7:00. 87, 88 degrees, on the hot side but not too bad. even hotter temperatures than yesterday. >> thank you, doug. the police officer who shot and killed a police officer will not be indicted. that work is from the county state's attorney today. in march, police say michael ford opened fire in an ambush attack outside the district. the district 3 police station. his brothers recorded the
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the undercover officer was killed when he was mistook for one of the suspects during the chaos of the shootout. all three of the brothers have been indicted in officer's death. the gang member convicted of stabbing his victim 89 times learned his fate today. the crime happened inside a silver spring home in 2014 and news4's meagan fitzgerald is in rockville with the strong words that the judge used moments before sentencing. meagan? >> reporter: he was a ruthless, monster, and he's a known ms-13 gangem
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murders because he was trying to elevate his status in the gang. they also say that he celebrated hours after the murder. >> mourning my brother, my friend, you know. he was always there for me. >> reporter: nelson navarro describes his brother as loving and kind and would do anything for anyone. >> it's very heartless. >> reporter: nelson struggles to describe the pain his family has been feeling. court documents say that a 24-year-old entered navarro's home stabbing his 89 times, his wife and daughter found him and call called 911. >> i'm calling him but i'm with my kid. >> a footprint led police t
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suspect. oscar was killed so the suspect could prove himself to the gang and elevate his status. hours after the murder, this video that we're seeing for the first time shows the suspect getting an ms-13 tattoo. he was celebrating the crime. >> today's sentence is a reflection, too, of our notion that this kind of violence won't be tolerated. >> sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, his family says it's too late for oscar but hope having this dangerous criminal off the street will help save the lives of others. >> it's for life. i want to make sure he never hurt nobody else and no other family can suffer like our family is going through, you know? >> reporter: he did not show any emotion in court and when given the opportunity to address the court and family members, he chose not to. coming up at 6:00, the vi
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family explains how they've been able to move forward after this heinous, heinous crime. wendy? >> thank you, meagan fitzgerald. fourteen teenagers are in crew. the group beat a man for his wallet and cell phone last night on newton street. shomari stone has more on the arrest. >> reporter: well, good evening. that happened last night around 7:00 on the 1800 block of newton street northwest. there were people who actually live in this area, heard what was happening and called 911. let's roll some video. he told police he was walking when a group of teens walked up inom behind him and they reached is pants and stole his cash and credit cards and cell phone. police were able to arrest four of the
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and medics drove him to washington center hospital. and they did not want to talk and there was somebody on this block who was able to get individuvideo of what happened. we'll continue to bring you updates as they become available. shomari stone, news4. scott macfarlane with more breaking news. a situation is unfolding in turkey right now. the turkish prime minister says a group within the turkish military is engaged in an attempted coup at the capital of ankara. vehicles are blocking the bridge and jets are flying overhead and all nights in to istanbul airport are stopped and the airport is closed. the prime minister is calling this an attempted coup and
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it was unsuccessful but part of the turkish military has taken over state tv so it's hard to tell what is going on on the ground. weeks of speculation put to rest after this tweet by donald trump. coming up on news4, after a prisoner dies at the d.c. jail, inmates are saying something has to be done about the conditions inside. and the national park service is trying to turn the frenzy over pokemon go into e.mething positiv
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one person says it was just a matter of time. the death of an inmate is raising questions at the facility. mark segraves is outside of the jail this evening. mark? >> reporter: yes, that's right. there are about 1200 inmates that have been complaining about the heat. one inmate called me five minutes ago. when they measured the temperature inside the cell at
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87 degrees. jail officials say they are working on the problem and say there's no link between the heat and the death of the inmate. they say the inmate died of natural causes. >> it's horrible. it doesn't surprise me. i think it was a matter of time. >> reporter: the 70-year-old inmate became ill yesterday afternoon and was taken to the hospital where he died. an autopsy has not been completed yet to determine the cause of death. but for deborah, it's a reminder of the conditions inside. >> it's really hot. it's like sitting inside a little brick room with no air flow. it's like being in a car without the windows. it's incredible hot. >> reporter: officials admit there's a problem with the cooling system an
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statement, "dc jail is a 40-year-old facility and with elevated ceilings, it's creating more work. they are distributing shaved ice, cool drinks, bringing in large, industrial fans and allowing additional showers. >> they don't reach into the individual cells. the ice is limited in quantity. it's exactly what they were saying, it's a small plastic cup of ice to take back to your cell. it just doesn't last 24 hours. >> reporter: jail officials say they don't bieve there's any link between the jail and the death of this inmate. paramedics responded to the inmate and said that he appeared to be sufferingom
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name of the inmate. lester erby. we've been unable to find out if he's an author. he wrote the book "dc." >> mark segraves, thank you. hundreds showed up for the funeral of a dallas police officer, one of the five killed last week by a gunman during a march to protest recent fatal police shootings of black men in our country. >> michael krol moved to dallas to become a police officer. there was a 21-gun salute and a flyover. officer krol will be buried in his home state of michigan. >> alton sterling was buried today in baton rouge. two white police officers pinned him to the pavement outside of
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they are calling for peaceful protests which has sparked a national debate about use of deadly force. the department of justice is conducting a civil rights investigation into this incident. with this tweet, it became official. indiana governor mike pence will formally become trump's running mate. minutes after the tweet, pence was withdrawn from the governor's race. who is mike pence and what made trump pick him? nbc's hallie jackson taking a look. >> reporter: the indiana governor, a former congressman who rose to a top house leadership role before winning the stop job in the hoosier state in 2013. insisting back in may he would support the republican nominee. >> reporter: are y
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your bet? >> no, not in the least. i'm proud to stand with ted cruz in the indiana primary. >> reporter: and it's that support for cruz that pence could convince skeptics to turn out for trump pence is seen as a safe pick which could get the party on board. still, his lgbt stance might hurt him in a general election. >> one of the great pieces of the religious freedom act, it's a way of bringing people together. >> reporter: while pence and trump are just starting to get to know each other, they haven't always seen eye to eye. pence calling the muslim ban offensive and unconstitutional and on trade, a split two. but on the personal side, both men appearing often with their families. pence with his three kids and wife karen, a s
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the two married for more than 30 years. pence grew up in rural indiana, went to college in the hoosier state, too. and facing a tough re-election campaign at home, the national stage perhaps more appealing. pence now stepping into trump's very right spotlight. >> so will pence hurt or help trump? that's our flash survey this afternoon. vote and see the results over on the nbc washington facebook page. well, if you love the new pokemon game and love the national mall, well, now there is a way to combine the two. there will be two pokemon hunts on the mall this weekend led by the national park ranger. people can chase down their favorite characters while learning about the sites along the way. the hunts will be both tomorrow and sunday at 2:00 p.m. thousands of low-income families will soon have easier access to high-speed internet. our parent company comcast has teamed up with the u.s. department of in
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development. comcast is expanding its internet initiative, a program that offers families living in h.u.d. assisted homes and public housing this internet service. an estimated 2 million homes will now be eligible, which includes about 173,000 households in our region. still to come on news4 at 5:00, a local doctor accused of preying on latino immigrants. the sex abuse charges and why police believe there may be more victims who are hesitant to come forward. we continue to monitor developments in tkey. u.s. secretary of state john kerry saying the last hour that a coup is apparently under way. stay with us for the
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well, you know, doug, it doesn't feel as gross out there. >> wendy, it's not just you. >> really? so much different. heat index yesterday, 105. today, 93. it really was not even close to where we were yesterday. still on the hot side today but the humidity is out there and plenty of
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92, then 89 and now 92. 88, winchester. the heat index is a little warmer than the temperatures but not bad. it's going to stay dry and will stay that way for the next 18 hours or so. a few clouds today and that did help to keep temperatures down, especially to the west of blueridge where we've only been in the mid-to upper 80s. storms down to the south around virginia beach, which was 101 earlier, rain-cooled air. back to the west, tracking another system right here. we've had these areas of low pressure to the north. they have not been able to scoop down to the south but what they have done is bring us disturbances here and there. overnight tonight, no problem. problem night, plenty of sunshine. clear skies and a nice start to your day.
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4:00, scattered showers and thunderstorms around. not everyone will see them. you probably will not need the umbrella tomorrow but we could see a downpour by tomorrow. high temperature tomorrow up to 92 degrees. another hot one. a bit humid but very similar to what we've seen out there today. i think we've seen the same thing on sundays, too. high temperatures, upper 80s to the north and west. fredericksburg, 94 degrees. as we make our way towards the next couple of days, i'll show you the next ten days. we get hot. look at the numbers here. 92 on saturday with a chance of storms. 94 on sunday. then we get to monday at 97. tuesday at 92. tuesday, a good chance of thunderstorm activity. and then beautiful weather next wednesday, thursday and friday looking really good before the heat really comes in. 99 on saturday. 98 next sunday. this weekend, i think a lot better than next weekend.
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at least bearable and a little more comfortable. enjoy it. it's friday. we've got to love it. this weekend not looking too bad. >> absolutely. >> thank you, dog. new details about the suspect who ran over dozens and killed 84 including a father and son from texas. i'm kristin wright on the national mall. hundreds of thousands of people are expected here for a huge event. how organizers are focused on security after the attack in france. a northern virginia doctor accused of sexually abusing one of his patients. just ahead, why
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welcome back. >> flags at all government buildings are flying at half-staffing honoring the victims in the tragedy in nice, france. they had just been returned to full staff on tuesday after the shootings of the police officers in dallas. >> today, we learn the name of the man who carried out that attack in france. authorities say mohamed bouhlel was a french citizen. had he been arrested several times in the past but he was not part of any previous terror investigations. now the dea
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to rise. security will be extra tight. >> tomorrow, thousands of people will gather for together 2016, a prayer event with dozens of speakers and performers. news4's kristin wright is joining us. kristin? >> reporter: organizers are focused on unity and prayer but they are aware that they have to pay close attention to security. they are organizing for this event right now as we speak. the time who apeople who are pu together are working on their safety plans and several law enforcement agencies have been doing risk assessments and say they are well covere
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of security tomorrow. >> there's definitely ongoing conversations. we think of it in terms of the front yard of the white house and we believe this is a safe area. >> reporter: we also checked in with park police. tonight on news4 at 6:00, what they told us about security for together 2016. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. nbc's lester holt is in nice this evening. he'll have a special tonight at 7:00 on nbc 4. a local doctor is accused of inappropriately touching a patient during an example. david culver is joining us live from police headquarters in
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david? >> reporter: the doctor practicing in the alexandria area and many of his patients are latino immigrants who may not know their rights. inside this office building just off route 1, the name on the direct tea reads dr. fausto fernandez. this is dr. fernandez, the family physician arrested for sexual battery. >> on june 23rd, police responded for a report that the doctor inappropriately touched the patient when he went to visit the doctor. >> reporter: the patient is 30 years old. >> during the exam interview, the doctor allegedly requested that he move his clothes and touched him inappropriately during the exam. >> reporter: the patient wasn't familiar with what to expect during his doctor's visit but he knew what allegedly happened wasn't right. >> he did question the doctor about what was going on but ultimately just complied with the doctor and went through the exam. >> reporter: the sex crimes division got involved and arrested dr.
5:33 pm
could be more victims. >> they don't even -- aren't even aware of their individual rights. >> reporter: while not connected with this case, attorney brian murray tells me immigrants he's represented are often hesitant to come forward, hesitant to report a crime. >> they should probably at least consult with counsel to make sure that their status is protected because they do have certain rights. >> reporter: we now that fernandez is out of jail tonight. i did try to reach out to him. i called his office, was put on hold for several minutes before they disconnected the call. at 6:30 tonight, new details about his past and a similar allegation that we uncovered. wendy? >> david culver, thank you. the one orlando fund has now raised $17 million. this money will go to the family of those killed in last month's orlando nightclub shooting. the attorney handling these
5:34 pm
amount depends on how much money is raised by the end of september. 49 people were killed. 53 hurt after a mass shooting at the pulse nightclub on june 13th. virginia is one of the best states for business, according to a new cnbc survey. the commonwealth ranked second only to texas. and then utah, colorado and north carolina. this year, virginia came in 13th suffering from government spending cuts caused by the sequester. we know that zika can be transmitted from a man to a woman. >> now scientists have discovered a case where a woman passed the virus on to a man. >> and just hours after the horrific attack in france, how organizers in cleveland are
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the zika virus is usually spread by mosquitos, we know, but health officials have known for some time that men can pass it to their female sexual partners. now there's evidence that women can pass it to men. today, the cdc announced the first known case of female to male transmission. a health department official in new york cityll
5:38 pm
entirely unexpected one. >> we continue to learn more and more about this virus every day. and while the vast majority of people who are infected with zika do fine, the most concerning consequences are for pregnant women and developing fetuses. >> the cdc is advising everyone to use protection if their partner has traveled to a zika affected area. >> all this week we've been reporting on medical safety. today, we're looking at the massive amounts of medical websites. there are a lot out there and it's hard to know if they are legitimate. doreen is joining us with what you want to know about. >> wendy, it can be confusing. you can make more informed choices when it comes to your personal health care. you can learn a lot on the internet but you have to be careful about the source of that information becauseot
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wants to tell you their product. choosing wisely is a web side created by a physicians group created by solid information by doctors. there is patient friendly resources. and there is med line plus, part of nih, it's, again, unsponsored content. it's like a medical encyclopedia. you can learn what are the latest treatments and there's information about medications and what is the newest in the medical world and learn about nih sponsored trials as well. you can go to and search medical websites to get the links to these. you can find all of
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errors, overuse of antibiotics and more on our website. and finally, more information is helpful but nothing can take the place of the opinion of an experienced medical professional. >> good stuff there, doreen. thanks. if your weekend plans a job with your pets, be careful with the hot weather. pets can suffer from heat exhaustion just like you and i do. volunteers at the washington animal league says if dogs are too hot may start panting heavily. your best bet is to run cool water over the inside of the dog's paws. >> limit their exposure to the outside, a couple hours at a time. always have water available whether you're walking or hiking
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thirsty as you are. >> pet owners will want to be especially aware if their dogs have short snouts. they can easily have trouble breathing. they are happy dogs. >> they are. well, the death of a maryland college football player captured national attention. >> and it's about to be
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a high-profile lawsuit filed after the death of a college student is about to be settled. >> a young germantown man died
5:44 pm
team. his family sued the ncaa, coaches, helmet maker and the state in a suit that captured nationwide attention. our scott macfarlane has learned that the family and organizations they sued are soon expected to reach a deal. he's live in the newsroom with that. scott? >> reporter: wendy, not only the football coach but the ncaa was sued, the organization that oversees all college sports in america. we've learned that this long case is about to close, though. derek collapsed in practice in august 2011 and died. in a lawsuit against frostburg said that he took part in gladiator type moves and died of a head injury. his trial was scheduled to begin last month but state records obtained show that the maryland attorney general has recommended
5:45 pm
behalf of the state's education department which oversees frostburg state. they will decide whether to approve the settlement amount at a meeting july 26th. but the records don't specify if or how much the ncaa or the helmet company would be contributing. an attorney for the family tells news4, "trial has been postponed to allow the parties to complete the process of settling this matter." he wore number 40 both in high school and then with frostburg state. his death in 2011 came amid increasing scrutiny and concern about head injuries throughout youth and college sports. no response from the ncaa but we'll keep watching this case. back to you. >> thank you, scott. we have what looks like a beautiful friday evening. shaping
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>> you were just asking me about dinner plans. >> yeah. >> perfect. maybe you're going inside. temperatures today still in the low 90s but the humidity was way down. yesterday that heat index got to 105. we haven't seen anything close to that. across the national harbor camera, it's looking really nice there. temperatures today into the low 90s in the city. 92, d.c. 90 in fredericksburg. much cooler back to the west today. the reason, we saw cloud cover. take a look at the current heat index. 92 is the temperature. it's will the 92 for the heat index. that means we're not dealing with heat and humidity. it's only going to be hot weather that we've seen out there. look down to the south, some storms down to the south around
5:47 pm
back to the west, tracking a couple of storms here. this is another frontal boundary that shifts down to the south but could affect us during the day on saturday. tomorrow, saturday -- i'm so excited it's the weekend. 89 at noon and 92 by 4:00. hot with an isolated scattered thunderstorm rather than isolated thunderstorm during the day. so we could see that as we move on out. the beach forecast -- anybody heading to the beach? >> no. >> 88 on saturday. i just asked you that. 87 on sunday. 93 on monday. finally have vacation next week. it's been six months. impact forecast tomorrow, on the low side for sure. we're not going to be seeing much in the way of extreme heat. not as hot. sun returns this afternoon. it's going to be great tonight or during the day tomorrow. now, the next ten d
5:48 pm
vacation, it's going to be the same the whole time. 92 on your saturday, 94 on sunday. a chance of a storm tomorrow. another chance, 97 on monday and you go, that's hot. well, what about this guy over here? how about 99 next saturday, 98 next sunday? we've been talking about this all week. this will around the 100-degree mark. some areas, 102, 103. intense heat and wednesday and thursday, two best days of the next ten. very low humidity. temperatures around 90. this weekend, it's hot. but not too humid. i'll take it. >> and doug, we'll look for your report at 4:25 a.m. on monday from the beach. the 4 by 4 is coming your way. >> i'm staying up all night anyway. >> that's our boy. head to the county fair if you have nothing to do this weekend. >> that's alwaysme
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there is fair food and pie eating contests. >> try to beat this guy in that contest. >> yeah. check out miniature ponies and other animals. go to our nbc washington app for a list of fairs across the region. hundreds of viewers are looking for help for their consumer problem. >> and we're getting incredible results, folks. susan hogan is joining us now with our weekly roundup of refund. susan? >> that's right. from a health insurance refund that was never sent to a constant water like, nbc 4 responds. it was an epic water like that had residents in this washington neighborhood furious after three weeks with no answers from the water utility company, one call to nbc 4 response got calls immediately and got the likes fixed. linda from alexandria got her
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$251.30 back after contacting her when her health insurance never sent her a refund check. and another woman received $1898 after purchasing a medical voucher she wanted to cancel. and this woman purchased a lemon and got $6,000 back from the car's manufacturer and an apology. >> we've recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our viewers. our tally is just shy of $300,000. tell us about your consumer problem. go to our nbc washington app and search response. wendy? >> thanks, susan. a $200 million settlement this afternoon between the federal trait commission and herbalife. the company will not be classified as a
5:51 pm
and they will restructure its operations. it must compensate its salespeople, scrap incentives for them to recruit other sellers. >> it's reinforced in these cases with an illusion. the vast majority could make little or no money selling herbalife product. >> the stock soared this morning when news of this settlement was released. if you love pokemon go, you may want to consider switching wireless carriers. t-mobile is giving away a full year of pokemon data. you have to claim the offer by august 9th. the company is trying to lure customers in with free lyft rides to certain poke stops. and a few people will even get a
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final preps are under way in cleveland. a city hoping to make its most of its moment in the
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scott macfarlane back at the live desk. with temperatures in the 90s, we have word of a power outage in d.c. at 14th
5:55 pm
there's a transformer fire and several reports of elevators stuck in buildings nearby have been coming in. traffic signals are also out in that part of town and it's a tricky time of day for that. there is no word yet on when power will be restored. jim? >> scott, thank you. a daycare van crashed sending several young children to the hospital in philadelphia. take a look. the van jumped the curb and ran into an apartment building. at least eight children were transported to the hospital. most of them just as a precaution. the eiffel tower will be lit up in honor of the
5:56 pm
the attack in nice. today, we learned who will be speaking at the democratic national convention. among those speakers, president obama, first lady michelle obama, vice president obama, form former president bill clinton and bernie sanders. the city of cleveland is preparing for possible unrest at the republican convention. it starts on monday. >> delegates from our washington region are heading to cleveland now and as tom sherwood reports, some are fearful about security there. >> reporter: in cleveland, police are ready to protect delegates. ♪ here on the politics hour today, maryland republican executive
5:57 pm
he's worried about safety. >> i'm not going to lie, i'm very concerned about all of the different people coming in to cleveland that could somehow do something. i am a little nervous and fearful something might happen. >> police say the secret service has improved safety in a secured zone. >> this does not generate the kind of passion that the trump candidate is generating so we're looking at a whole different ball game. >> reporter: local delegates want a good convention even though maryland republican governor is among national leaders skipping the event. >> the republican party is 100% behind our governor and our nominee donald trump. >> reporter: also calling in, tom whitbeck. he praised
5:58 pm
presidency pick. he said that pence will help curve inter-party fighting in virginia. >> i think overall i think he's ready to move on and unite. >> news4 will have complete coverage of both conventions starting next week in cleveland. >> chris lawrence and tom sherwood will bring it to you live on sunday at 11:00. condolences from around the world for victims the attack in france. among those dead, a father and son from texas. tonight, team coverage of the tributes. >> i go under and i notice that behind the truck there were a lot of people
5:59 pm
>> it's something that we've had concerns about. >> reporter: and the new details about the plan behind the wheel. >> we'll have more on the tragedy but first breaking news of an apparent military coup event there. scott macfarlane has the latest from our live desk. scott? >> the flights at ataturk airport in istanbul are currently suspended. still, it's not exactly clear if this is actually a coup. we can show you the new video in to the live desk of an empty bridge in istanbul. military vehicles are blocking the traffic on those bridges. we're also hearing a lot of military activity, jets flying overhead and tanks and reports that all flights at istanbul's
6:00 pm
the airport closed. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said he didn't have complete details yet he said he hopes for civility and couldn continuity. we'll stay on top of this situation and have more for you soon. doreen? >> scott macfarlane, thank you. to france now where a large truck was used as a weapon of war during bastille celebration in nice. >> 84 killed and hundreds more wounded. >> the driver had a petty record but nothing to match the rampage last night. >> he did not appear on any u.s. watch list and there's no evidence that he ever visited the united states. the man was killed by police in a hail of bullets but questions remain about a motive. our coverage begins with nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: a 20-ton truck, a


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